About us

"Avtomorga DARO" Ltd.

Sofia, 36 "Star lozenski pat" Str.

Active on the automotive parts market for 7 years.

  • Parts imported from Western Europe with guaranteed origin and quality.
  • We have a big diversity of all modules for chassis, front and rear axes etc, genuine shock absorbersе, everything is in perfect condition!
  • Fuel and diesel pumps and all other details, parts and accessories. Wide range of goods.
  • We have a big storehouse for all kinds of mass used vehicles in Bulgaria.
  • We have parts and accessories in stock for very rare vehicles.
  • For missing details we offer also an order – up to one month. All model and types!
For buying wholesale or for regular customers we make discounts for all of our range of goods.
The payments could be done in cash or with cash on delivery.

Now you could order online by us.
The good is delivered by courier to any location in Bulgaria, the term of delivery is two days, and the payment is done with cash on delivery.

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